Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Not every doctor who claims to be trained in IPT©/IPTLD® is certified nor properly trained.

The demand for I.P.T. has increased since the year 2001 and with that, the certification of M.D.'s. Beware: there have been many doctors who have taken and stolen knowledge on I.P.T. and used it to teach others for personal profit, even organizations have been opened in the name of I.P.T. without authorization nor consultation to the rightful owner of I.P.T. (The rightful owner of IPT is Donato Perez Garcia, MD).
Not every medical doctor can be an I.P.T. Physician. It takes time, effort, preparation and a thorough evaluation to certify a doctor as an official I.P.T. Physician, capable and competent to perform this protocol, always keeping the security of the patient at high priority. Not all doctors are willing to do this hard part and choose to  “skip” an authorized certification by the rightful owner of Insulin Potentiation Therapy.

Donato Perez Garcia, MD is solely responsible for this publication. If you find an error and consider that you should not be listed here, email me to: . I will make applicable corrections. 
First time of publication 2009. 

The following Institutions and individuals are not certified to teach or practice IPT©/IPTLD® 

Reviewed on: February 1, 2017. This list is not complete, inquiry at if the physician you are looking is currently IPT/IPTLD Certified.


Dr. Felipe Muñoz
SANOVIV & San Diego Clinic
Tijuana,Baja California, Mexico

Tony Jimenez, MD
Playas de Tijuana, BC. Mexico

Rafael Cedeno, MD
Playas de Tijuana, BC. Mexico

HINO Medical Center
Michael Hino
Ensenada, BC. Mexico

"Oasis of Hope"
Playas de Tijuana, BC. Mexico

Victor Valpuesta, MD
M.Hidalgo. Mexico DF

Jose Ricardo Duenas Saboya, MD
Baja California,Mexico & Bogota, Colombia


Best Answer for Cancer Foundation is not approved/Licensed to offer IPT/IPTLD Training.

Sean Devlin DO, HMD  (Not an approved IPT/IPTLD Instructor & not Certified to practice IPT/IPTLD)
Santa Monica, California

Constantine "Gus" Kotsanis MD
Grapevine TX

Thomas Lodi MD, HMD
Mesa AZ

Les Brietman, M

David Korn, Do.,MD.
Scottsdale, AZ

Jonathan Murphy, MD
Mesa, AZ

Robert M Battle MD
Houston TX

Russ Canfield MD
Santa Fe, NM. 

Leigh Erin Connealy MD
Irvine, CA 

Nooshin Darvish ND, FICT
NE Bellevue, WA 

Martin Dayton MD, DO
Sunny Isles FL

Jagadish G. Donki MD
Bangalore India 

Robert A Easlinger, DO
Reno, NV

Ted L. Edwards Jr., MD
West Lake Hills TX 

Hennie Fitzpatrick MD
Santa Fe NM  

James Forsythe MD, HMD
Reno NV 

Allen Green MD
Los Angeles CA 

Martha Grout MD, MD(H)
Scottsdale AZ

Thomas Kabisch DO
Ann Arbor MI

Robert LaCava MD
St. Charles IL  

Gordon P. Laird DO
Blackwell OK 

Eugene H. Lee MD
Tampa FL 

David Minkoff MD
Clearwater FL

Juan Penhos MD
Mansfield OH

Allan Magaziner
Chery Hill NJ

Richard Sollazzo MD, DABIM, CNSMD, DABIM, CNS
Smithtown NY

Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD
Carson City, NV

Jonathan Singer, DO
Cheyenne, WY

Bradford S. Weeks MD
Clinton WA

Jonathan Stegall, MD
Johns Creek, GA

Sergey Kalitenko, MD
New York, NY

Juergen Winkler MD
Carlsbad CA  

Robert Zieve, MD
Prescott, AZ

Michael Ellenburg, ND
Anchorage, AK

Marietta Bergdorf, NMD
Bountiful, UT

Ahvie Herskowitz, MD
San Francisco, CA

Nic Peters, MD
Scottsdale, AZ

S Edward Bradford ND,PA
Atlanta GA 30338

Thomas S Lee, ND


Ahmad Nasri, MD
Barrie, Ontario. Canada


Gustavo Vilela MD
Sao Paulo SP


Dr.Sonja Scwinger

Dr. Siegmund Dottelmayer

Dr. Ulrich Klumb

Dr.George Kobinia


Andre Young-Snell, MBBS
Brighton East Sussex, UK


Dra.María Isabel Tavira Paton
Malaga, Spain


Friedich Douwes, MD
Bad Aibling, Germany

Peter Wolf
Hannover, Germany

Philip Battiade, HP
Infusio Concept Europe


Joseph Brenner, MD


Chul Jun Kim MD
Yusung-gu Daejeon Korea


Kunihiro Kitamura MD
Onojo Fukuoka

Kuzuoki Nonaka MD
Ushioe Taiyou Clinic
Kochi City


Sivabalan Lakshmana Perumal Pillai MD
Annanagar Chennai

Jagadish J Donki
Rajainagar Bangalore


Sukunya Soksawatmakhin
Pathumwan Bangkok


Vijaendreh Subramaniam
Mahkota Melaka Jalan Merdeka


Eugene Pretorius MD


Margaret Jiin Ngu

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